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Sunday, November 16, 2008

The boys had a wonderful time and were content with the fifteen or so pieces of candy they consumed over the three days past Halloween. We usually try to limit the candy to a few pieces a day ....put this year we tried a fast approach in an attempt to limit the constant questions of "can I have some of that sweet stuff that we went trick or treating for" The rule in the past has been if you ask for a piece than you have to pick and throw a piece away. It used to work until the oldest would not stop asking in new and clever ways like the question mentioned above.

One set of grandparents arrived this year for re-enforcements. They got here before I had even gotten home from school with the boys SO I put them to work ripping strips for the mummy suite. Grandpa Bob handed out the candy while grandma Jane and I went out with the boys...

The boys jumped up on candy joined the grown-ups for dinner. The oldest did not want the mummy to die so we let him eat in his costume. The youngest wanted out of his ape suite the moment we got back. Night and day those boys are!

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