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Monday, August 16, 2010

It is is really real...oh the frogs and butterflies are all a hoppin and fluttering!!!!

2009 images and logo

During ArtPrize, there will be three platforms attendees can use to vote for you
  1. Text message
  3. ArtPrize iPhone application
For each platform, your unique five digit codes are the fastest way to cast a vote.

Your unique vote codes are:

Vote up code:

Vote down code:

Make a note of these codes. You can use them in your promotional materials. For more information about voting, visit the voting page on

Text Message Voting

Attendees will send a text message to a phone number that will be printed on every artist label (provided by ArtPrize), along with your unique vote codes.

Why the up vote and down vote?

During first round of voting, attendees can vote an artist up or down. Only up votes count in determining an artist's standing. Down votes are only used to drive discussion and debate. ArtPrize designed voting this way knowing that an artist with the most votes up may be the most popular, but the artist with the most votes up AND down may be the most talked about, thought about and controversial work in the event.

If you have any questions, please let us know. E-mail
Thank you,
Kevin Buist
Artist Relations

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