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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Sooo long time no write...

The baby boy that has entered our life is almost 7 months old...ofta I have to tell ya that having a baby this late in the game is a little trickier than I thought...sweeter but definitely tricky!

It is that time of year for Art Prize and this year I am working with a wonderful ceramicist named Heather Robinson.  You can view some of her amazing work locally at Minty Keen located in down town Grand Rapids and also at .  I am excited to see the combination of the organic shapes mixed with my fiber work!  

Here is a short description of the installation piece:

Process of Operations

"Operations of Process" is an installation piece that came to me during Art Prize 2011. Discussions of the public perception of art and what was actually created/labeled art was a hot topic that resurfaced. This discussion was and is not a new debate-however it led me to the idea to show the process of the creation of art. The general concept for Operations of Process is to take a finished work and break it up into multiple critical layers. By layers I mean natural resting breaks in an artists process such as an under painting drying, ceramicist work being bisque fired. These layers in the installation (7 total )will be shown in neutral fiber gallery walls as dioramas filled with porcelain and fibers working up to a finished piece.

So it took a little time wrangling to get the entry paperwork done but the feet is complete!  I hope to load some photos soon!

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