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Monday, April 19, 2010

Art In The Garden, Allegan MI

Just one more day to veg after the Art In The Garden show .......before I jump back onto the prep wagon (art walk in Paw Paw May 14th). The show was a great time ....however I must say I was in a state of undo panic the night before. I was UP till 3 ish before my husband came out in a sleepy stooper informing me that I should get SOME sleep! His suggestion and idea that the bag I had been working on looked like it had walked home from a bar to drunk to drive allowed the perfectionist in me to turn off the sewing machine light, take off some clothing (?) and stumble into bed.

I got up at 5:30 A.M tired of the restless cuddled in a cold ball sleep that I was not getting. I woke, checked the cat to see if her kittens had been birthed (no), checked facebook to see if the shoe choice photos that I sent to my friends had been answered (yes confirmation of my husbands choice), then coffee, and on with the morning.

I arrived at the show ready to unpack the second car load containing yarn, Madeleine at the Lake wall hanging, and the two bags with their matching wallets. Then in an unlike me fashion was done setting up well before the guests/customers arrived!

I made tons of new fiber, potter, and photographer friends...sold 4 scarves and one of my FAVORITE lapel pins and walked away from the show with no permanent scaring!

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