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Thursday, April 29, 2010

TIME.....where does it go?

I sold a bag today and have an order for another! GREAT ...but time...where does the extra time come from? I need a little elf to clean up my room, another elf to feed my child, yet one more to sit in my room with me and keep me on task, oh and one more to manage my Etsy shop/facebook fan page/blog!

Alas my studio sits empty of life but OOOO SSSOOO very full of projects in various different stages. The rest of the house full to the brim of noise, kittens, dogs, and children.

I am not foolish enough to believe if I had a bigger space then I would get more done.....I do long for a more efficient use of my space. OR maybe room dividers that I can just close up when there is a mess that my built in blinders can no longer block..... maybe that would help....yeah right..more space would be nice! SOO what is a girl to do? PUSH, stuff, fold, push, hide, put away and then repeat.

I do realize that my time problem is an age old issue where most find unique solutions to fit their personalities....however until elves become available I will continue to wallow!
Enough of this procrastination...on with the real world of work!

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