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Thursday, July 22, 2010

I am getting Kefir grains my husband announced to me this morning. He goes on to explain that the grains are handed down from one person to the next not sold. He also stated that no one knows where the originals came from and that they(I am assuming he means scientists) can not reproduce the grains. "The closest they have gotten is a powder form that dies after two reproductions." mmmcofffeeee anyway. good coffee..... DO I WANT THIS alien form of milk with every possible enzyme making my gut healthy and functional? I am not sure especially if the original source is unknown. No I think I will wait until my husband has concocted his first batch, then a second, and possibly a third before I try his homemade goods!

Now it has been stated that Kefir (fermented yogurt) is the best thing for your body. My husband has been known to come home with up to 4 different bottles of the stuff when one of the boys get sick. Over board? Some days yes ...but he always makes things interesting. When ever his eyes start to sparkle like a kids at Christmas ...I know I am in for a new adventure along his coat tails! Wish me luck?!

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